Four Reasons Professional doesn't just talk about problems, it seeks solutions. The development of the renewed Four Reasons Professional product line began with our understanding of both hair and Hair Professionals' needs as well as reflects our love for simple solutions.

Hair Professionals need a reliable set of tools to succeed in their work. The Professional product range is the perfect toolkit for every service in the salon. Products can be combined for each customer's hair needs: balanced care and protection, as well as structure, hold, smoothness, or shine as needed. Four Reasons Professional – you have the skills, you just need the right tools.


  • Everything needed for a hairdresser’s versatile toolkit and for resale
  • Interesting, versatile professional-level hair products
  • Good profit margin for hairdressers
  • Available only in salons


  • Bio-Molecule Repair™ – Protects, repairs, and maintains the function of the hair’s cuticle layer, as well as repairs internal damage to the hair so that the difference can be felt and seen.
  • Pure Detox – Effectively removes metals and minerals from hair, neutralizes their negative effects during chemical treatments, and prevents them from attaching to the hair again.
  • Brilliant Color – Protects, provides stunning shine, and strength to colored hair
  • Deep Cleanse – Salon-quality deep cleansing shampoo
  • No Yellow – Best friends for cool blonde tones!
  • Silky Moisture – Luxurious moisture for hair in need
  • Weightless Volume – Volume and airiness for fine hair
  • Styling & Finishing – Hairsprays and other styling products for everyday and special occasions
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