Mira Artist and actor

I am Mira Luoti. For work I sing, play gigs and act. Performing is my thing.

I began to sing and dance when I was in school, which led to music classes and hobbies, which later turned into my job. My work is my passion. I seem to have always known what I want, because I’ve always done exactly what I want and what I love.

I’ve learned that I’m wonderful and beautiful just as I am. Without make-up and with make-up. Whether I’m having a good or bad hair day, it’s still me. True beauty is where you feel comfortable. My mom can’t collect the mail without lipstick on. I only use lipstick at gigs. I am happy without make-up, but I also love putting on heavy make-up. At times I’ve had hair extensions and fake nails, which felt awkward. I like false eyelashes and clips that can be taken off as soon as the opportunity arises. I enjoy having smooth legs and armpits, but I don’t stress if I haven’t shaved them. True beauty comes from inside. Your nature and gaze, true caring for yourself and for others.

Remember that you are the best you, the number one priority in your life. Care for yourself how you best see fit. Root growth, grey hairs, they are all part of you. Don’t stress. They can be covered, but you don’t have to cover them. Be silly, try things out, step out of your comfort zone. Say yes, even if your first thought was to say no. Dare to stand out. There is no wrong style or way to be you, you decide. Enjoy your life!

– Mira


It was nice to meet you at this moment. You’ve put me in a good mood. I hope you have a great day, too! Believe in yourself. You are good, and you are enough as you are.

What I especially value about myself

#1 My body. I’ve given birth to 3 children, and even though my body has changed, I’m proud of it.
#2 My freckles and scars. Sometimes you can see them, and sometimes you can’t. They are a part of me.
#3 I love my long hair.
#4 Mobility and flexibility. I’m proud that I’m able to do what I want with my body.