Our range of bleaches includes solutions for all bleaching tasks of a salon, such as major color changes, foil highlighting and bleaching roots. Each bleach has a different composition and special characteristics to make it easier to work with various lightening techniques. We recommend selecting the lightening product according to the intended use, the condition of the hair and the properties of the product. All of our bleaches are fragrance-free, ammonia-free and vegan.

Four Reasons Matcha Bleach

Four Reasons Matcha Bleach is a versatile bleaching powder with a bleaching power of up to 9 levels. Matcha Bleach gets its unique green hue from green tea and cucumber oil, but the color does not transfer to the hair. The bleach’s fermented hyaluronic acid and green tea extract maintain hair’s moisture balance and protect hair’s cuticle layer from the stress caused by bleaching.

Because Matcha Bleach contains chelating agents, it does not react negatively if there are metals and minerals in the hair. Thus, the mass’s consistency does not change during the bleaching, making your work more secure and accurate.

Its rich, creamy, and dust-free consistency allows for comfortable and precise highlighting work and free-hand bleaching. Due to even bleaching power, Matcha Bleach is also suitable for full head lightening. A more controlled bleaching process gives stylists a longer working time and more even results.

This product is fragrance-free, dust-free and vegan.

Four Reasons Hydrobleach

Four Reasons Hydrobleach includes the Hydroshield technology which prevents structural damage and protects hair during lightening. The Hydroshield technology allows bleaching up to four consecutive times which helps in making big color changes in the salon.

Hydrobleach also does not need to be washed out of the hair between bleachings, which speeds up large bleaching jobs compared to traditional methods. This enables you to achieve a clean blonde end result with one salon visit while maintaining the hair in good condition.

The product is fragrance-free, ammonia-free and vegan.

Four Reasons Ultralift 9+

Four Reasons Ultralift 9+ lightening powder lightens hair up to 9 shades with one application. The efficient and fast-acting Four Reasons Ultralift 9+ can be used with all lightening techniques. It is best used for getting the hair as clear blonde as possible with one application, such as with foil highlights.

The lightening powder is pleasant to use because the bleaching compound is easy to apply and remains moist and flexible during application. The product contains a polymer which protects the hair during bleaching, but due to the product’s potency we recommend that it is used on hair that is in normal or good condition.

The product is fragrance-free, ammonia-free and vegan.

Four Reasons Bleach

Four Reasons Bleach lightens gently and softly up to 7 levels. Choose Four Reasons Bleach when you want to lighten softly and not aim for a completely clean lightening base and you tone hair to a warm tone after lightening. Completely dust-free powder makes working comfortable and safe.

The product is fragrance-free, ammonia-free and vegan.

Four Reasons Classic Bleach

The soft, creamy composition of Four Reasons Classic Bleach bleaching powder guarantees effective lightening in all techniques and lightening methods. Dust-free powder makes working comfortable and safe. The bleach does not swell, dry or crack during exposure but remains moist and flexible throughout the treatment. Effectively lightens up to 8 degrees.

This product is fragrance-free, ammonia-free and vegan.

Four Reasons Bleach Cream

Four Reasons Bleach Cream is an effective bleaching product that is suitable for all of the most common bleaching techniques. The product’s unique formula and nurturing plant-based oils protect the hair during the bleaching process and maintain the condition and softness of the hair after the treatment. The creamy consistency is easy and pleasant to work with. Try the Four Reasons Bleach Cream especially to bleach roots. Effectively lightens the hair by up to 7 levels.

This product is fragrance-free, ammonia-free and vegan.