Color Placement – a fusion of color and cut

14.10.2019, jani

The idea behind the color placement technique is to create contrast and strong, clear color segments that highlight the best aspects and details of the haircut. Color placement techniques, such as blocking, sliding or root shadow, are used to create a gorgeous look with multiple tones so that it brings out the best of the haircut, especially in short and medium-length hair.

Intensive contrast with the Block technique

For Ari’s hair, we chose very intensive shades and the Block coloring technique to bring out her very colorful personality. The Block technique can be used equally well for softer colors – according to the customer’s style and wishes. The Block technique is ideal for Ari’s fairly short haircut, where you can see clear areas of different tones from previous coloring.

1. Pre-lightening

The starting point with Ari’s hair was fairly colorful: quite a lot of root growth, colored panels and lighter shafts and ends. We started by pre-lightening her hair and proceeded from the darker crown area toward the lighter outer edges. We used KC Blonde Multibleach with a 6% oxidizer as the lifting agent and applied it from the scalp onto the colored panel. After giving it time to take effect, we added some lifting agent to the shafts and ends for a few minutes.

2. Sectioning

We started sectioning the hair from the highest point of the crown where it starts to naturally fall forward. We created a triangular area at the front that continues all the way behind the ear. After that, we sectioned a triangle on the crown and clipped up the bangs and longer side sections as segments of their own.

3. Coloring

We started the coloring at the back, outside the blocked areas, and applied Four Reasons Optima Mixer Blue (1.5%) from the scalp to the ends. The same tone was used in the area of the bangs. After that, we moved onto the other side sections using Optima Mixer Red 1.5%. Finally, the top part was colored in slanting sections about one centimeter thick, starting from the ends. The color used on the shafts and ends was Optima 10P to further clear out the greenish tint at the base. We applied Optima Mixer Red at the roots and on a few separate foil segments at the top.

4. Home care

The end result is just as colorful as its wearer! For maintaining the color, we recommended Ari use the Red Ruby and Blue Sapphire tones from the Color Mask Art direct color series once a week.