The most popular Color Mask in Finland is now Four Reasons Color Mask

28.10.2019, jani

The most popular line of toning products in Finland, Color Mask, is moving to the new decade in an attractively colorful package, elegantly remodeled! The Four Reasons Color Mask is an up-to-date selection of toning wash and care products that accentuate and maintain the tone of your hair in a subtle or bold way.

The conditioning, vegan and pigment-rich composition extends the life of your hair color and keeps it intense. Our gorgeous new tones make it easy to maintain the trendiest hair colors today and tone your hair at home!

_Here are the four things that make the new Four Reasons Color Mask products the most trusted friend for colored hair:

#1 Well-known brand and the best-known product line in its category unite

With the Four Reasons brand reform, the Color Mask products you know, and love will become a part of the Four Reasons product family. As many as 80% of Finnish women who use products for colored hair are familiar with the Color Mask products but, at the same time, view their packaging reform positively and with excitement. This is revealed by the Consumer Survey which was carried out for us by the research company Pentagon Insight.

#2 Pigment-rich, vegan composition that strengthens hair

The Four Reasons Color Mask range is based on our previous Color Mask products whose composition we have made vegan and enhanced their conditioning and pigment performance. The products containing the most toning pigment are the Four Reasons Color Mask Shampoos that wash your hair gently without sulfates. The Color Mask intensive treatments contain plant-based proteins and amino acids that strengthen your hair. As well as brightening up the tone, Color Mask products give your hair fabulous shine! Four Reasons Color Mask products are 100% vegan.

#3 Gorgeous new modern tones alongside trusted favorites

You’ll find great maintenance products for all coloring work carried out in the salon in the up-to-date selection of tones included in the Four Reasons Color Mask range. Our four new delicious tones – Bronze, Rose, Rose Gold and Mahogany – are the answer to the maintenance and quick toning needs of today’s hottest hair colors. The trusted old favorites, such as Pearl and Silver will be moved to the Four Reasons Color Mask line with a fresh, remodeled look. All the Color Mask tones can also be mixed together – allowing anyone to create an individual tone that’s just right for them.

#4 Packaging design that’s been selected by consumers and that simplifies the choice of color

The new, harmoniously elegant package design was selected for the Four Reasons Color Mask range from among various design alternatives, based on feedback from the consumer panel. The new package design with gradient coloring clearly evoked the most inclination to buy both among consumers interested in the Color Mask products and those already using them. Up to 71% said they were interested in buying the Four Reasons Color Mask product based on its packaging!