Four Reasons Collection SS21: NO FILTER


Some are anticipating this year to be even worse than the last. You know, the year you’d all rather forget… But we dare to disagree! So, how can we be sure that 2021 isn’t just a lousy sequel with a plot that falls flat?

Well, we don’t. But we do know this: what the new year brings to us depends on what we bring to the new year. Our attitude for the new year is too glam to give a damn. Join us and embrace this inspirational attitude! Reality check: you can’t control everything that happens around you, but you can control your own attitude.

Bold and assertive looks have been bubbling under the surface for some time now, while a softer style has dominated the mainstream. Perhaps the softer looks have given us a sense of permanence in a rapidly changing world, which is fine.

But now the time has come to take control. To let go, show our true colors, be free, bold and strong. Life is too short to never try anything new. Are you ready to push the envelope and revamp you entire look? Or do you want to start small and add some zest to your current look? The choice is yours!


Motto: Confidence has no competition.

Bowl cuts are back! The mention of bowl cuts may evoke images of boy bands in the 1990s, but the updated version of this classic cut is perfect for the modern, strong and confident individual. Change the length and angles of the cut to make it flatter your unique features.

Although the bowl cut has strong lines, it can be styled in many different ways. Sleek, casual or up towards the sky… You choose how to style your hair!

Finish the hair color with a shine line effect that glimmers between the body of hair. The shine line technique gives an edge and a unique touch to a simple hair color. You can hide or highlight the effect by changing your styling.

Choose this look when you want to be the boss and decide what your day will be like.

Cut: Graduated bowl cut
Color recipe: Shine line was bleached with Four Reasons Hydrobleach 6%, simultaneously with base toning using Luxima BASE 5–6 + 4–6.25 CHOCOLATE CHERRY 1.5%
After bleaching, the bleached panels were toned with Four Reasons Color Mask Intense Blue, Violet and Fuchsia, alternating between the different tones on the roots and on the ends.


Motto: I know looks aren’t everything, but I have them just in case.

Would you like to wake up every morning with perfect surf waves in your hair and start your day straight out of bed? This look is all about soft surf waves that stay in the hair because of a light structural treatment. The right cut accentuates the carefree, timeless style. The color highlights the new structure of the hair: slightly darker at the roots without going for the full ombre effect.

The rich tones are stronger in areas that you want to highlight. Deeper and lighter shades alternate on the ends.

And who said you can’t lift after a perm? This hair was highlifted from roots to ends with Luxima BASE colors. Easy, fast and carefree.

With such carefree hair, you’re bound to have a stress-free day!

Choose this look if you don’t want to waste your time in front of the mirror and you want your hair to match your authentic and tastefully messy life.

Cut: Long layers, razor cut
Texture treatment: Permanent curls with eight big rollers, curling agents Four Reasons Multiwave C and B
Color formula: Luxima BASE 8-9 + 8-10.74 HONEY BUNNY + 7-9.33 AMBER 6% 30min


Motto: Sending selfies to NASA because I’m the star.

Predictable and conventional – no thank you! Your attitude fills the room when you enter, and you don’t need anyone’s approval for your choices.

Shag cut is the perfect choice for you: it oozes confidence and courage. You can style your shag cut to be anything from fierce to ferocious. Complete the look with a rich and robust hair color.

Shag cuts were made famous by the iconic 70s rock stars. The contemporary shag cut is equally suited for the office as it is for the stage, it’s all about the attitude! Whether you’re doing your groceries or attending a science conference, others will have no doubt that you are the star of the show.

Choose this look if you love the person you’ve become after working hard to get there.

Cut: layered, angled shag cut
Color recipe: ROOTS Optima 😯 30g + COPPER GOLD Mixer 30g + 11NO 15g 3%
The ends were gently bleached with Multibleach 3%
TONE: at the roots COPPER GOLD Mixer, on the ends GOLD COPPER Mixer, both 1.5%


Motto: If I was meant to be controlled, I would have come with a remote.

Mullets are for punks and not suited for modern looks? Bullshit! The modern mullet is highly versatile and can be rocked by both soulful artists and spunky rebels. Change the length and styling to make the look bring out the best in you.

Two Tone is the perfect hair color choice for mullets. Pair a strong color with a more muted tone to create the right mix of attitude and mystery.

Choose this look when you want to highlight the different aspects of your personality. Contrasting opposites create the perfect combo.

Cut: Modern Mullet
Color formula: Global bleach with Four Reasons Bleach 6%
Base color: Optima 7MB + 8P 3%
Effect area: Optima RED VIOLET mixer + VIOLET mixer + PINK mixer 1.5%


Motto: Today’s forecast: 100% chance of winning

What are classics made of? A classic is such a safe bet that you can boldly modify it to make it your own – you cannot change the world by following the rules.
The iconic bob finds a new shape when cut with a razor instead of scissors, leaving the ends looking slightly jagged and feather-like. You can make it look polished or roughed-up by styling.

Block coloring that is placed on the heavier side of the parting adds a new twist to the look. Change your parting to change the appearance of the color. Why hide it, when you can show it! Choose this look if you are a living classic.

Cut: razor cut bob
Color recipe: Pre-bleached with Four Reasons Bleach + 9% in the quadrangular area, simultaneously base color toning with Luxima BASE 3 3%.
Effect area’s tone: Optima COPPER GOLD mixer 1.5%, thin panels on the sides of the section with Optima BLUE Mixer 1.5%


Motto: The real glow up is never external.

In today’s world, we can easily find ourselves in deep waters. Believing in the good takes courage and personal investment every day. Do good, look good!

This look lets your unique strengths shine through. The hair structure and natural curls take center stage in a haircut that supports the hair, and the colors are inspired by nature: sun highlights see the light of day again.

Choose this look if you are one with nature and your secret weapon is good karma. The good vibes you send out will come back to you many times over.

Cut: men’s layered curls
Color recipe: Lightening of ends freehand one handful of curls at a time, Multibleach 1.5%
Toning Luxima SILVERFOX + SUNKISS 1.5%