Hair color line that is easy to fall in love with – Four Reasons Luxima

5.5.2021, Jonna

Luxima is, hands down, the most unique and diverse hair color line of the technical Four Reasons salon products. A color line that caters to the needs of a modern hair professional: Magnificent shine, quick to use, gentle and comes, of course, in a fantastic selection of colors! We asked our Four Reasons Head of Education Elisa Cavén how she originally fell in love with Luxima. 

The story of the Luxima Queen Elisa Cavén: “How I discovered Luxima!”

I had already started using Luxima in vocational school. Luxima had just been launched, and I fell in love with it immediately! From the start, Luxima has been one of the products that I wouldn’t give up at any cost.  I specialized in different lightening and highlighting treatments at an early stage of my career. Luxima was, and still is, the number one product for these kinds of treatments! It doesn’t matter if you’re going for brunet tones or gorgeous blondes, vibrant redheads, or gentle pastels – Luxima helps you succeed with all of them.  I think the best thing about Luxima is that it doesn’t heat up untreated hair. So, Luxima hair color line is a perfect companion to a serial highlighter like me! If you need a stronger tone for a natural hair, you can add Luxima BASE tones in the color mix for it to make an impact on untreated hair. Is that multifunctional or what?!

“It doesn’t matter if you’re going for brunet tones or gorgeous blondes, vibrant redheads, or gentle pastels – Luxima helps you succeed with all of them.”

With Luxima, I dare to use darker tones for my blonde customers, because, even if they happen to change their opinion on the tone for the next appointment, I won’t be in trouble. Luxima stays in the hair beautifully and keeps its tone even if the depth level fades between the dyeing. Lightening Luxima from the hair is also easy – it won’t leave streaks of color stains. I could praise Luxima indefinitely. Early in my career, when I worked at a salon where they didn’t have Luxima, I used my small salary to buy the product from the wholesale because I simply didn’t want to use any other color line for toning. When I used Luxima, I always knew exactly what I would get and, above all, how it would stay on the customer until the next appointment!

Have you already tried Luxima? We asked Elisa about the situations that best bring out Luxima’s unique characteristics:

1. SHINE TREATMENT How to do a shine treatment with Luxima and who is it for?

I use the Luxima shine treatment for almost all customers with color treatment. I mainly use Luxima for all highlights. From one tube, I can get a multi-toned finish that takes into account the different depth levels of the base without any gimmicks.

2. GREAT ADDITIONAL SERVICE How to use Luxima toning for additional services?

When a customer comes in for a haircut or Olaplex treatment, you can easily add on a quick and easy shine toning at the shampoo station. Wet and towel-dry the hair, apply Luxima, and leave it in for 5–15 minutes depending on the chosen tone. Luxima and its easy application is especially popular among the customers who come for a haircut and avoid color treatments. Luxima makes the hair shine and leaves the hair rich in color without the fear of having to keep dying the hair. Luxima fades beautifully and without a care if the so customer wishes. 
3. COLOR CORRECTION Why is Luxima such a good choice for color corrections? Now Elisa – tell us your best Color Correction tips!

We’ve all been here: you’re removing the foil from the customer’s hair at the shampoo station and you notice that the bleach has spread all the way to the roots creating the ever-so-stylish zebra stripe that you, in your state of panic, think can be seen from miles away. Worry not! With the Luxima Express tones you can hide the zebra stripes in only 5 minutes. Apply an Express tone that is one level darker to the problematic part of the roots and let it soak for 5 minutes. The problem is gone and everybody’s happy! Whew!    
4. GRAY COVERAGE How to use Luxima to cover gray hair?

Luxima is the perfect tool to cover the gray hair of the customers who want their hair to remain vibrant, nuanced, and natural despite the gray. Luxima can cover up to 100% of gray hair, and even when the tone wears out between the appointments gently revealing the gray hair, the Luxima tone stays on the hair. The grays don’t just emerge full-on gray, but as soft and multi-toned babylights.

5. SHAMPOO STATION TONING Luxima is probably best known for toning highlighted hair. What is your infallible recipe for toning at the shampoo station?

I use this so often that I’m getting laughed at in the Four Reasons studio: Beach Blond + Cream Blond + Clear. It’s my infallible recipe for natural cool blond toning. Add a dash of Rose if you want to bring out the pearly tint in the color!

Four reasons to choose Luxima:

#1 Three-dimensional result

The three-dimensionality of Luxima stems from its pigment composition. Normally a hair color is composed of darkening and toning pigments, but Luxima’s tones only include toning pigments, which allows the hair dyed with Luxima to sustain the different depth levels in the base.

#2 Reflective shine

Luxima gets its shine from the Shine Enhance Complex, which strengthens the pigments’ ability to reflect light, thanks to its nourishing, plant-based oils.

Toning pigments have a natural ability to reflect light, but due to the unique Shine Enhance Complex, Luxima shines like nothing else.


Limnanthes alba seed oil
Extracted from the seeds of Limnanthes alba, this oil highlights the hair’s natural shine, gives it texture and a soft feel.

Calendula extract
Known for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, calendula extract is rich in moisturizing ingredients that make hair healthy and shiny.

Strength from vitamins
Vitamins E and C are antioxidants that care for hair, protect it from UV rays and improve the durability of the color. We only use plant-based vitamins and, like all Four Reasons product lines, Luxima is also 100% vegan.

#3 Ammonia-free and low-alkaline composition

Luxima is a completely ammonia-free color line with a very low alkaline composition.

Due to its low alkaline composition Luxima doesn’t affect untreated hair and, for example when toning highlighted hair, it doesn’t make the hair’s natural base lighter and add unwanted warmth in between the highlights.

Therefore, Luxima is perfect for toning highlighted and lightened hair, after curling treatments, for porous hair and all occasions when you want to bring shine and color to the hair without risking the condition of the hair.

#4 User-friendliness

Luxima’s gel-like composition is easy to mix and apply with a brush or an applicator bottle. Using Luxima is also cost-effective because due to its gel-like composition, you need to use less color than with the traditional creamy colors.

The color can also be applied quickly and evenly on the hair and therefore saves the hair professional’s precious time.

Luxima’s instructions are very simple and processing times are clear.

So, what are you waiting for? Get excited about the perfect color line and watch the education videos – free of charge!

Using the Four Reasons Luxima color is easy and effortless. Watch the interesting and compact Luxima training package consisting of 10 videos, when it suits you here >> 

You can easily return to specific topics if you want guidance, for example on instructions, tone families, or different purposes of use, including gray coverage or shine treatment.


Jonnasta sanottua: Jonna on rempseä, iloinen ja värikäs persoona, joka suhtautuu kaikkeen positiivisen uteliaasti. Tämä energinen ja oma-aloitteinen tyylitaituri on toimistomme väripilkku ja päiviemme piristys!