Savage not average

Motto: Today’s forecast: 100% chance of winning. 

What are classics made of? A classic is such a safe bet that you can boldly modify it to make it your own – you cannot change the world by following the rules.
The iconic bob finds a new shape when cut with a razor instead of scissors, leaving the ends looking slightly jagged and feather-like. You can make it look polished or roughed-up by styling.
Block coloring that is placed on the heavier side of the parting adds a new twist to the look. Change your parting to change the appearance of the color. Why hide it, when you can show it!  

Choose this look if you are a living classic. 


Cut: razor cut bob
Color recipe:  Pre-bleached with Four Reasons Bleach + 9% in the quadrangular area, simultaneously base color toning with Luxima BASE 3 3%.  
Effect area’s tone: Optima COPPER GOLD Mixer 1.5%, thin panels on the sides of the section with Optima BLUE Mixer 1.5% 

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