Actually, I can!

Motto: If I was meant to be controlled, I would have come with a remote.  

Mullets are for punks and not suited for modern looks? Bullshit! The modern mullet is highly versatile and can be rocked by both soulful artists and spunky rebels. Change the length and styling to make the look bring out the best in you.  

Two Tone is the perfect hair color choice for mullets. Pair a strong color with a more muted tone to create the right mix of attitude and mystery. 

Choose this look when you want to highlight the different aspects of your personality. Contrasting opposites create the perfect combo.  


Cut: Modern Mullet
Color formula:  Global bleach with Four Reasons Bleach 6%
Base color: Optima 7MB + 8P 3%
Effect area: Optima RED VIOLET Mixer + VIOLET Mixer + PINK Mixer 1.5% 

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