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Tips for toning blonde hair

6.4.2023, Four Reasons

With Four Reasons colour lines, colouring hair is a piece of cake! You can create fantastic blonde results with both Four Reasons Luxima and Optima Liquid, but do you know how the color lines differ from each other, and in what situations you should grab Optima Liquids off the shelf and when you should use Luxima?

Liquids Luxima

How do Luxima and Optima Liquids differ from each other?

The Four Reasons Luxima hair color’s composition is based on toned pigments, which allows subtle depth differences to remain visible and creates a three-dimensional impression. This makes each end result unique, exceptionally lively and multi-toned – exactly what many customers are looking for! Luxima’s selection of light tones consists of more muted tones.

Four Reasons Optima Liquids is a liquid hair color for toning, neutralizing and brightening bleached hair. The Optima Liquids line’s selection of pure tones is designed for bleach jobs in which you want to tone the bleached base while maintaining the brightness of the color.

For Optima Liquids colors, the most optimal bleached base is a level 10 or lighter, whereas the optimal bleached base for Luxima is a level 8–10 when using the lightest tones. Optima Liquids blends into a mass that is easy to lather and also quick and cost-efficient to use at the shampoo station. Thanks its lotion-like consistency, Luxima can also be applied at the chair.

Which one to choose?

We asked Harri Paananen, Four Reasons’ Product Development Director, when he would choose Four Reasons Optima Liquids and when he would go for Luxima.

“The Optima Liquids colors are the lightest and brightest of our Four Reasons color products. They are meant to be used when the full head of hair is bleached and you want to maintain maximum brightness. This means that if you want the end result for blonde hair to be very bright, pearly or something else than a traditional and soft tone, Optima Liquids is the perfect choice for the job!

On the other hand, what’s great about Luxima is its muted tones and the fact that it’s easy to use. Luxima tones balance both the base and the end result – the tone does not ‘attack’ in any direction, as all Luxima tones contain both cool and warm pigments.

Luxima can be diluted with Clear, which makes the end result lighter while slightly fading the tone. By contrast, the tones of Optima Liquids colors have specifically been built for end results that are already light.”

If your client wants an end result that is bright, light and pure, choose Optima Liquids. When the hair is toned using Optima Liquids, the base’s tone remains bright and pure. On the other hand, if your client’s bleached base is a slightly darker blonde or has highlights, which means that there are more level differences in the hair, choose Luxima, as it won’t make the bleached base brighter.

Have you already tried double toning?

Double toning is a trendy toning method where, instead of mixing two tones, you tone the hair twice in a row: the base is evened out and neutralized with the first tone, after which the hair is toned again with the second tone. What makes Optima Liquids colors great is that they won’t make the end result darker even if you apply the color twice!

Harri’s tip:

“Try double toning by, for example, first applying Optima Liquids PP to the hair and then using Optima Liquids AA after it. Thanks to the two separate processing times, double toning also makes the tone last longer!”

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