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26.7.2019, Four Reasons

Four Reasons Nature is luxury created for your hair by nature. It consists of certified natural cosmetics made in Finland. Designed for three different types of hair, our vegan products give your hair exactly what it needs using plant-based active ingredients.  The Four Reasons Nature range of products represents our strong will to create a better tomorrow. Our products are manufactured in Finland in line with the principles of sustainable development. The series has been granted the ECOCERT Cosmos Natural certificate which guarantees natural raw ingredients and ecological production and packaging. At least 95% of the products’ ingredients originate in nature – their composition and active ingredients are genuinely natural. That’s why Four Reasons Nature is a great choice for both you and the environment.

Natural cosmetics = responsible beauty

All the products in the Four Reasons Nature range are classified as certified natural cosmetics. But what exactly does this mean?

All the ingredients used in natural cosmetics are as natural as possible. Friendliness to the environment, naturalness and ethicality are important values in the manufacture and packaging of natural cosmetics. A manufacturer of natural cosmetics can apply for a certificate for their products which ensures that the products meet the quality requirements of genuine natural cosmetics. Today, numerous products are marketed as natural, but only by choosing a certified product can you be sure of its high quality and natural ingredients.

Natural ingredients for every hair type

The active ingredients of the Four Reasons Nature range are natural and plant-based extracts, proteins and oils. Their beneficial ingredients nourish, moisturize, repair and add volume according to hair type, effectively and naturally.

The criteria for certified natural cosmetics apply, for example, to the ingredients in the product composition: no synthetic fragrances or colorants may be used in the products, and a minimum level has been set for the natural origin of raw ingredients. The Ecocert certification awarded to the Four Reasons Nature products, for example, requires that at least 95% of the contents of the product come from nature. The synthetic raw ingredients allowed, i.e. the remaining 5% of the product’s composition, must also meet the strict quality requirements of the Ecocert certification. If a raw ingredient of natural origin is available, a corresponding raw ingredient of synthetic origin must not be used.

Ecological and ethical hair cosmetics

Certification also covers the eco-friendliness of product packaging: all the Four Reasons Nature packages are recyclable. The ethical aspects of the products are also taken into account, as no genetically modified ingredients or raw materials originating directly from animals are allowed in certified natural cosmetics.

The bodies that grant the certificates for natural cosmetics also require the suppliers of raw materials to provide proof that the raw material or any parts of it used have not been tested on animals.
Natural cosmetics are bound by exactly the same legislation as other types of cosmetics, and so they are equally safe as “traditional” cosmetics.

ECOCERT certificate: a guarantee of quality and natural ingredients

All the Four Reasons Nature products have been granted the international Ecocert Cosmos Natural certificate which guarantees that the products and their manufacture are ecological. Ecocert was the first body in the world to develop international standards for natural cosmetics and is one of the best known certificates today. Ecocert also actively monitors compliance with the criteria.

Four Reasons Nature meets the rigorous Ecocert Cosmos Natural criteria:

1. The raw ingredients must come from renewable natural resources, the manufacturing process must be environmentally friendly, and the packaging must be recyclable.

2. Certified natural cosmetics products must not contain any of the following ingredients:

  • Genetically modified raw materials
  • Parabens
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Nanoparticles
  • Silicones
  • PEG compounds
  • Synthetic fragrances and colorants
  • Raw materials of animal origin (Ecocert Cosmos Natural allows raw materials produced naturally by animals, such as milk and honey, but the Four Reasons Nature products contain no animal-derived ingredients; they are 100% vegan).

3.  A minimum level has been set for organically grown ingredients and those originating in nature

  • At least 95% of the entire product’s ingredients must originate in nature
  • At least 50% of plant-based raw material must be organically grown
  • At least 5% of the total weight of the raw material must be organically grown

4. An Ecocert auditor personally checks that the raw materials, manufacturing processes and packaging of the products meet the criteria before the products are launched.

Four Reasons

Four Reasons on suomalainen kauneusalan kapinallinen. Kuljemme eturintamassa monimuotoisuuden puolesta ja puolustamme jokaisen oikeutta kauneuden kokemukseen. Inspiroimme ja voimaannutamme ihmisiä arvostamaan itseään sellaisena kuin kukin on – ihanan epätäydelllisenä – ja tarjoamme työkaluja positiivisen minäpuheen vahvistamiseen.