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Four Reasons Original Blow-Dry Fluid is the Best Styling Primer of the Year!

11.10.2023, Four Reasons

The professional hair and beauty magazine Pinni organizes the annual Nordic Hair Star contest and gala, where hair professionals are awarded, and the best professional hair products are revealed.

Four Reasons Original Blow-Dry Fluid has won the Best of 2023 Styling Primer category!

Jury’s comments about Blow-Dry Fluid

“I fell in love with this product immediately. This product suits many lengths; it provides support for short hair, is easy to blow-dry for medium-length hair and clearly adds volume and structure. For long hair, it’s excellent as a base for blow-drying because it doesn’t tangle the hair.”

“Adds shine and provides soft support. Strengthens fine hair and results in a voluminous finish.”

“A very user-friendly product that even amateurs can use for hair styling. Bonus points for the packaging size.”

A good primer is the secret to a lasting hairstyle

#1 Blow-Dry Fluid is a volumizing styling liquid that makes even fine hair look and feel thicker.
#2 The strengthening formula protects fine hair without adding any weight to the hair.
#3 Hairstyles get more shine and soft support thanks to volumizing and lightly styling ingredients.
#4 Hair remains airy with a soft, voluminous feel.

Apply the product evenly to towel-dried hair from root to tip. Blow-dry and style as desired.

Four Reasons

Four Reasons on suomalainen kauneusalan kapinallinen. Kuljemme eturintamassa monimuotoisuuden puolesta ja puolustamme jokaisen oikeutta kauneuden kokemukseen. Inspiroimme ja voimaannutamme ihmisiä arvostamaan itseään sellaisena kuin kukin on – ihanan epätäydelllisenä – ja tarjoamme työkaluja positiivisen minäpuheen vahvistamiseen.