Four Reasons Pro Awards highlight the impressive skills of hairstyling professionals – see the winning images!

26.6.2020, Titu

To brighten up the unusual situation facing salons in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, Four Reasons organized a hair photography contest to celebrate the creativity and skills of professional stylists. During the spring, stylists took to Instagram to publish some of the most impressive images of the cuts, colors, and amazing styles they had created over the years using Four Reasons’ products.  In this article, see the results as well as the TOP 3 winning creations decided on by public vote.

See images of FR Color results or the #frcolor image feed on Instagram.

#FRColor – inspiring dyes with effortless Four Reasons color products

The winner of the color category in the Four Reasons Pro Awards was Maaria Rinta-Aho, who works as an entrepreneur at Peicco Hair Design in downtown Jyväskylä, Finland. Maaria says she particularly likes the intensity and shine of the color in her winning look: “The colors blend beautifully from one shade to another. It reminds me of a sunset.”

Maaria started the process by lightening the roots with Multibleach, a formula with Shield technology that protects the hair against damage caused by bleaching. For the color, Maaria used the Mixer shades of the Four Reasons Optima product line. “I especially like the Mixer shades because you can make them really vibrant and, because they are fragrance-free, they are wonderful to use. The consistency is amazing. The Mixers also fade beautifully over time,” says Maaria.

FR Color category TOP 3.

Eveliina Ranta, the runner-up in the color category, also relies on Four Reasons Optima at her Lammi-based Salon Jade. “The reason I use Optima colors in my work is that they NEVER fail! They’re easy to use and they don’t require any extra tricks,” says Eveliina.

The winning style was impulsive and unplanned. “The client asked for a warm brunette shade, and that’s what I did. The client’s previous highlights made the color really vibrant and nuanced, which added to the stunning end result.” 

#FRStyling – your favorite style is relaxed, yet impressive

The relaxed and effortlessly chic style by Saila Kaistamo-Vilén from the Pori-based Tinos Hair Design was voted the winner of the styling category. According to Saila, the winning style is exactly what clients usually ask for these days: something casual and not too sleek. This style is also a pleasure to create as it is quick and easy to make but produces an impressive, gorgeous result.

For the style, Saila used her favorite products: Working Spray and Finishing Spray from the Four Reasons Professional product line. “Working Spray is a wonderfully light spray for fixing the style. It isn’t too wet or sticky. The same goes for Finishing Spray. It has more hold, so it’s a great product for finishing the style.”

See images from the results of the styling category or the #frstyling image feed on Instagram.

Laura Aaltonen, runner-up in the styling category, draws daily inspiration from the diversity of her work and the endless possibilities for self-expression. Laura works as a stylist at Bruk Hair Design in Turku. She also has great tips for creating a lasting look:

 “You can use Four Reasons Argan Beauty Serum on towel-dried hair to smooth it out or on dry hair to add shine and finish curls. I like to prime my braids using Four Reasons Hair Powder to give the hair a little ‘stiffness’ and to make the braiding easier. For curls, I usually start by protecting the hair with Four Reasons Heat Styler because I like its ‘wet’ consistency. Four Reasons Shaper is the best scented hairspray for fixing and finishing a look!”

#FRCut – perfect cuts brings out your best features

The haircut category of the contest was based on looks using Four Reasons color or styling products to make the cut pop. The winner by public vote was Romanian stylist Sonia Matarea, who fell in love with the Finnish Four Reasons products the very first time she tried them.

 “Nature is an important source of inspiration for me, which is why I chose Four Reasons products – they are sustainable and ecologically conscious. I love Four Reasons Professional Styling Primer as it offers the perfect base for any hairstyle. Four Reasons Professional Texture Wax, on the other hand, is my favorite finishing product as it highlights the compatibility of the cut and the color.”

Images from the results of the cut category or the #frcut image feed on Instagram.

The hairstyle by Edvina Karajkovic, an instructor for HeadBrands in Sweden, was voted runner-up in the haircut category. Edvina describes the style as a thought-out overall concept where the cut and the color highlight the best features of the client’s naturally curly hair and add light to her face. The great cut was finished with Four Reasons Professional Gel Glue, which Edvina uses to shape curls, and Four Reasons Professional Working Spray, which provides flexible hold.

These were the first ever Four Reasons Pro Awards. The contest was so popular that we have decided to make it a regular event. “Thank you for this opportunity, Four Reasons. I can’t wait for next year,” says Sonia Matarea, winner of the haircut category.


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