Gorgeous bobby pin hairstyles for all tastes and hair types – What’s your favorite?

16.8.2021, Meri

Bobby pins are often viewed as mere tools for securing hair, and the general conception is that they should be hidden in the hair. But now is not the time for hiding! With bobby pins, you can create versatile styles and hairdos that highlight the pin itself – or several pins in this case. We created six stunning bobby pin and hairclip hairstyles from which you can easily choose the most suitable for your own hair and style. Whether you’re going to a party or a lecture, you have plenty of styles to choose from.


1. #Gorgeous | Gorgeously simple

To make sure you won’t forget how gorgeous you are, you have this hashtag to remind you every time you look in the mirror. Admit it, this style is gorgeous and incredibly easy: two vertical pins and two horizontal ones – and voilà! Why make things more difficult, right?

Select Four Reasons Original Fiber Wax to help you twirl the front of your hair. Wax that is high in fiber, gives the hair a flexible hold and helps smooth out that unruly baby hair.


2. Splash of Color | Snap clip style from the 90s

This style is for all of you who love the 90s. Remember those colorful snap clips that you could spot both on the Hollywood red carpet and in the hair of every teen girl? How could we forget. We brought the cutest 90s snap clip style to the 2020s, and ah – we fell in love with it yet again. Leave the front of your hair down and place the clips in a row on one side of your head – or why not both! Can you ever have too many clips?

To finish this style, we recommend Four Reasons Original Strong Hairspray that provides your hair with a strong and flexible hold, and a beautiful shine.


3. Shiny & Simple | Shine and hold

This bobby pin style is perfect for those events where you don’t only want to have beautiful bobby pins, but you also need your hairstyle to last long. You can make simple bobby pins more interesting by placing them to face different directions or in an asymmetric order. Simplistic style does not always equal boring!

Try Four Reasons Original Dry Shampoo to refresh the hair and to give it light and velvety support.


4. Mix it up | Flashy load of hair pins

If you want something extra, go for this hairstyle. There is nothing simple here – only abundance. And it works! Gather all the bobby pins and clips you can find and place them in an order of your choice on one side of your head. The size or method of attachment doesn’t matter; be bold and mix it up.

Finish this style with Four Reasons Original Power Gel that keeps the static hair in place and shiny.


5. Party babe | Festive ponytail

This is so cute! Whatever the hair clip says, this is the style for parties and evening events. Put your hair up in a ponytail or a messy bun and add the clips to make the hairdo festive. A scrunchie is perfect for this style.

Use Four Reasons Original Hair Powder to add volume and hold to your ponytail. Fix your hair with light hold hairspray, such as Four Reasons Original Styling Hairspray.


6. Pretty in pearls | Elegant ponytail with pearls

There is something about this style. Classic, pearl embellished bobby pins take the basic ponytail to the next level. You can use the bobby pins to highlight different elements in the hairdo by placing them in just the right places. This hairstyle is perfect, for example, for weddings or other festivities.

If your hair is slippery, and you find it hard to keep the pins in place, add Four Reasons Original Volume Powder. The volumizing hair powder adds rough structure and more control to the hair.

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