Hair stylists tested Four Reasons Optima for the first time – read their experiences & comments!

16.4.2019, jani

Before the official launch, we invited hair stylists to come to our studio to try Optima on real models over a few days in Helsinki. We wanted to hear what stylists thought about our latest innovation and the stylists were excited to try something new before Optima was officially for sale.

Optima had already convinced our own educators during the many product development test rounds, but we wanted to get feedback from stylists who had never tried the new color line before. We wanted to know what kinds of experiences they would have and what kinds of results they would get on the first try.

## First response: easy and reliable

The atmosphere in the studio was excited and happy, when the stylists were led into the world of Optima by our educators. The comments we got were very similar during each testing day: everyone thought that the color is very pleasant and nice to mix and apply, and the reliability of the shades was thought as fantastic. Choosing the shades was easy for the testers, when they had understood the logic behind the letter and numbers.

### This is what the stylists who tested Optima had to say about the color line:

> Very nice to apply and work into the hair.

> The different tones work very predictably in a color mixture. The result was exactly what I had planned.

> You can trust in the color’s ability to even out the result and you get a beautifully even color from roots to ends.

> The hair color does not have a scent at all, which was important for me.

> The shine is so amazing!

> I especially like how reliable the shades are. When you create the color mixture, you can be sure that result will be exactly what you want, not just something like it.

> The coding system for the colors is very easy to understand.

> I was positively surprised by how well Optima neutralizes unwanted yellow tones.

> Previously, my model had gotten an allergic reaction from a permanent color and had a red hairline. With Optima, she did not feel anything in her scalp during the coloring and there was no redness. Also, I was able to breathe without a stinging feeling in my throat!

> This is just 5/5!