Four Reasons Professional – pure premium, for you and your hair

29.3.2019, jani

# Speak kindly to yourself

We at Four Reasons believe that everyone is the most beautiful as themselves. We want to diversify the concept of beauty, make people feel beautiful. That is the core of our brand and our products. We want to encourage everyone to see their own, uniquely good qualities and to remind that there are many kinds of beauty and that they do not fit into a single mold.

This spring we will launch a new hair care and styling product line, __[Four Reasons Professional]( “Four Reasons Professional”)__. We believe that by working together with professional hair stylists we can create daily experiences of good self-esteem for people. That started the idea of creating a hair product line that makes good hair days great and even the bad hair days better. Four Reasons Professional will be here soon.

# Four Reasons Professional – pure premium, for you and your hair

You know yourself and what you like. You show your strengths and dare to be who you really are. We created Four Reasons Professional product line for you, because you deserve something uniquely wonderful.

### #1 High-quality salon products
Four Reasons Professional products have been designed for the demanding needs of professional hair stylists and they are made from high-quality, vegan ingredients in an ecological way. The products are tested by hair industry professionals on real hair models during product development to make sure they work exactly how we want them to.

### #2 Luxurious perfumes and formulas
The indulgent scents and formulas of the Four Reasons Professional products make hair care a pampering feel-good moment. They bring a touch of luxury in the middle of busy everyday life or give the finishing touch for a celebration. It is easy to choose the suitable products for you according to your hair type, your wishes or needs.

### #3 Ethical & ecological choice
Four Reasons Professional product line reflects our values – creating sustainable products in an ecological and ethical way is important to us. Four Reasons Professional products are manufactured from 100% vegan ingredients. We have chosen, among other materials, recycled plastic and sugarcane-based bio-plastic as packaging materials. We wanted to minimize the carbon footprint of the products by manufacturing them close to us; the care products are produced in Finland and the styling products in Europe.

### #4 Professional results at home
Four Reasons Professional is exactly what the name implies – a true hair care and styling professional. The products bring out the best features of your hair every day – you can count on getting classy, stylish results at home, easily and quickly. Looking like yourself has never been this easy.