Hairdo trends of 2021 – It’s all about being unique!

18.2.2021, Jonna

Laura Aaltonen (@bylauracarita), the hairdo queen of Instagram, charms everyone with her fabulous skills. Laura’s expertise includes technical hairdos that always look ever so carefree. 

We asked Laura: 

Where do you find inspiration for your stunning hairdos?
Today, social media offers plenty of ideas and alternatives for different looks. Everyone can surely find their own source of inspiration because you can find all the Finnish and international top hair stylists without leaving your couch at home. 

Do you ever face challenges when creating a hairdo? 
Sometimes you are spoiled for choice, and it’s almost impossible to make up your mind! For instance, when planning a bridal hairdo, it’s important to keep your focus in order to find the right direction. Sometimes I have done up to 2–4 different test hairdos to be absolutely sure that the style is just right. It’s fun to be part of the entire process, starting from ideas and reaching to realizing the bride’s dream hair style! 

What kinds of elements are your customers looking for in their hairdos? 
People are looking for natural movement in their hair. Buns shouldn’t be too sleek but not too curly, either. A balanced look ensures a beautiful result!  

What kinds of trends can you spot for hairdos in 2021? 
Colors are allowed – even red is used in both bridal wear and bouquets. I’m head-over-heels for dried flowers in hairdos. Dried flowers come in a variety of colors and sizes. A lovely bonus is that the bride can have the flowers as a keepsake. 



Copy Laura’s Four Reasons Original product tips for a successful hairdo! 


Ace the base | Four Reasons Original Heat Styler 

“For curls, waves or straight hair, Heat Styler simply works!” Laura likes to use a heat styler with a moist consistency to better manage and control frizzy and electric hair, in particular. 

Hairdos need volume | Four Reasons Original Volume Powder

Doing your hair is much easier when your hair is fluffy and voluminous. Volume Powder is easy to sprinkle in your hair – the fine product will spread through your hair in no time and make your hair easy to manage.

Select a sufficiently light hairspray when doing your hair | Four Reasons Original Styling Hairspray

An ideal hairspray for creating a hairdo is one that holds the hair together without fixing it too much. Styling Hairspray is spot on for doing your hair: it gives an airy hold and the fine consistency of the spray dries quickly, making it the perfect product to be used throughout the hairstyling process. 


Unrelenting hold with a strong finish | Four Reasons Original Freeze & Shine Hairspray

A finish adds the cherry on top of a hairdo and guarantees super strong hold. Freeze and Shine Hairspray is the product you need in the last phase of doing your hair when you want to ensure a strong hold and a lasting hairdo. 


Psst…. Laura’s extra product tip: Try using Four Reasons Original Fiber Wax before braiding your hair. It keeps the sections to be braided separate while leaving the hair soft and natural.



Jonnasta sanottua: Jonna on rempseä, iloinen ja värikäs persoona, joka suhtautuu kaikkeen positiivisen uteliaasti. Tämä energinen ja oma-aloitteinen tyylitaituri on toimistomme väripilkku ja päiviemme piristys!