6 tips to treat your damaged and brittle hair

22.2.2021, Mira

Is your hair lackluster, brittle, or chemically treated? You are not alone. Damaged hair is a very common issue (even for those of us who work in the hair industry) and this can make your bad hair days seem endless. When your hair has seen better days, it may seem that even the best styling products or hairstyle tips cannot turn your bad hair day into a good one. Don’t worry, we hear you! We’ve collected the 6 best ways to treat your damaged hair and prevent further damage.

Why, oh why? Dying, bleaching and blow drying are the most common causes of damaged hair. Many wish to have clean, light, and long hair with beautiful curls, but this dream comes with strings attached. Chemical treatment and the regular use of heat tools means that your hair needs some extra care if you wish to keep it in good condition.

Is your hair in bad shape?

Time to look in the mirror! We mean it! It is most likely you, who is responsible for the damages. Anyways, take an actual look in the mirror and look for signs of damage. Do you see any breakage? You must be aware of the random baby hairs that are way shorter than the rest of your hair and always pointing in the wrong direction.

Has your hair lost its natural shine long ago and is your hair looking more lifeless than ever? Well, your hair is actually lifeless as it consists of dead cells. However, your hair doesn’t have to look dead. When no amount of conditioner is enough and your hair is easily tangled, feels uneven or rough and splits at ends, your hair has most likely suffered some damage and needs some extra attention.

Our best tips to treat damaged hair

As stated above, there are many causes for damaged hair. Even if you were a devoted redhead, brunette or gone au naturel and never bleached your hair, your hair can still be dry, brittle, and lifeless. External factors, such as brushing your hair, frost, sun, and dry air also cause damage to your hair. And even though we all know that without our heat curlers or color dyes our hair would be in a better shape, I don’t think any of us is willing to give up styling their hair just to avoid the damage. We certainly are not.

This is why we collected six tips to keep your hair in good condition regardless of the dying and styling. So, don’t lose hope!

1. Try new styling methods.

Most of the damage to your hair is caused by heat tools used for styling. What if next time you try curling your hair without using your curling irons? Heatless curls are one of the biggest hair trends of our time – and for good reason. When you can curl your hair easily with sash of a bathrobe or foam rollers without damaging your hair, success is guaranteed.

2. Let go of the wrong hair products.

The most important thing is to never skip your conditioner. Promise? Good, now you can carry on reading. Hair product manufacturers, like us, design their products for different types of hair. If you have damaged, dry, and frizzy hair, but still decide to use volumizing shampoo and forget intensive treatment, shame on you.
Choose 3 products for your home: shampoo, conditioner, and intensive treatment. Check that all three products treat damaged hair. Fortunately, many of the repair and intensive treatment products of today treat more than one problem, and it is easy to find the right products for highlighted and colored hair.

Here’s our favorites for different needs!

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3. Remember to get your ends cut every so often.

Have you thought about skipping a haircut and keeping your ends intact because you want to grow your hair? Not the best idea, to tell you the truth. If your hair is already in a bad condition, they are likely to split at the ends. Split ends make your hair look even rougher, and the split will only keep growing until the end is snipped. So, you shouldn’t skip your hair appointment, but get a haircut to remove problematic ends regularly – every three months, for example!

4. Blonde! Choose a skilled lightener that appreciates your hair.

The more you lighten your hair and the more often you do it, the more damage your hair suffers. The easiest way to avoid the biggest issues is to select a hairdresser that has products for gentle lightening in their toolkit, like Olaplex. A professional hairdresser can lighten your hair while keeping in mind the condition of your hair. And they can tell you when lightening is not a good idea.

5. Heat shield, heat shield, heat shield.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to say goodbye to your hair straightener or curling wand for the rest of your life. However, do remember to protect your hair from the heat irons by always using heat shields, like Four Reasons Professional Heat Shieldiä, before styling. There are plenty of heat shield products to choose from – check out our selection here!

TIP: If you don’t style your hair often, remember to check the expiry date of your heat shield product! Even the best products do not last for years.

6. Nourish your hair with a healthy diet.

Much like glowing skin, strong and glossy hair gets its strength from within. A varied and healthy diet makes your skin and hair glow. When you need some extra, help is at hand. Four Reasons Hair Vitamin is a vitamin and mineral product that promotes hair well-being and is made in Finland. The versatile dietary supplement contains zinc, selenium, and biotin.


With these tips, you’re sure to get your beautiful, healthy, and glossy hair back. Just remember to be patient: the best things in life require effort and patience.


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