From wishes to reality: Optima is here!

25.1.2019, jani

We interviewed our educator Harri Paananen about the recently launched Optima hair color. Harri is also responsible for the product development of our technical product portfolio.

## Can you tell us why the new hair color Optima was created?

The idea of a new color line originates a few years back. When Luxima was launched, we saw that it filled an empty space that the world of hair color did not always have: soft, three-dimensional shades whose shade selection created a new way of thinking about coloring hair. But you cannot use Luxima for everything – we needed a new color, more meant for classic coloring color to work alongside Luxima. To do that, we needed some help. We asked almost 1000 hair stylists what they actually wanted for their work and then developed Optima according to their wishes.

## How were the wishes of the stylists taken into account while developing Optima?

The questionnaire revealed that the stylists wanted a color line that is tone-rich and has plenty of coverage, while also making it easy to have successful coloring results. The color should be able to meet modern demands and be perfume-free, ammonia-free and safe to use. The perfect color should also be easy to use and the shade logic easy to understand, with beautiful, shiny results. All these properties are included in Optima.

## Optima is a very versatile hair color; it can be used as a permanent color or a semi-permanent color. What does this mean in practice?

Optima combines ammonia-free formula with a permanent color’s coverage. It gives great coverage when needed, with a very tone-rich result, both of which are very important when coloring root growth, for example. The shades have been divided so that it is easy to choose either coverage shades or shades that are meant for toning previously colored hair. The Highlift tones are the only ones that contain ammonia, in order to create powerful lightening and neutralizing of yellow tones.

## Makeover and Mood Booster – what are your thoughts on these new products?

Makeover is a quick and easy way to remove old pigment from hair and create a good base for a new color. When you want to change the existing color, Makeover cleans away directs dyes and oxidizing pigments. And even though many people request perfume-free products, for some people scents are important with beauty services and products. Mood Boosters give a luxurious feeling for the coloring moment and you can choose from two great scents.

## How do Optima and Luxima complement each other?

Luxima and Optima are a *match made in heaven*. When you want great coverage and the ability to even out the color, you choose Optima – exactly for those customers who you have previously colored with a traditional permanent color. For softer, more three-dimensional results, you choose Luxima. With these two color lines you can create all today’s customer requests easily and quickly.

## Why should a Hair stylist choose Optima instead of other competing color lines?

Optima’s coverage and intensity combined with its easy-to-use logic is just an unbeatable! You don’t have to decide if you need a permanent or a semi-permanent color, or store both color types in the shelf. Pleasant mixing and application make daily work easy and quick, without forgetting how cost-effective Optima is because of the mixing ratio and the amount of color needed. A modern hair color for classic results!