How to recycle all of our products used in salon work

21.3.2019, jani

We choose recyclable packaging materials, use appropriate packaging symbols and communicate ways to help people responsibly use and recycle our products. Our goal is to replace all our plastic packaging with recycled and bio-based plastic, or other more ecological package materials, without compromising the qualities and the use experience of the product.

# How to recycle all of our products used in salon work:

All plastic packaging can be placed in the plastic recycling container, except for PVC packaging, which can be identified by the marking 03, and packaging that contains hazardous substance residue. In general, cosmetics packaging, such as shampoo and conditioner bottles, can be placed in the plastic recycling container if the material is mostly plastic. Rinse or wipe empty packages clean if necessary; the package is usually clean enough if it does not smell too much. Unscrew caps and lids from plastic packaging; this helps with further processing.

Packaging lists, campaign advertisements, customer magazines and other paper waste can be placed in the paper recycling container.

Hair color tubes should be completely emptied using a tube squeezer, and then placed in the small metal recycling container. If a metal aerosol can is completely empty, that is – nothing can be heard sloshing inside it, and it does not hiss when the nozzle is pressed – it can be placed in the metal recycling container.

If a package is not completely empty, the correct place for it is either the mixed waste container or hazardous waste container, depending on the product. Hazardous waste residue, such as packaging that contains chemicals, cannot be recycled with other waste. Please take hazardous waste to a hazardous waste collection point. Hazardous waste includes permanent curling chemicals and hair dyes and aerosol cans (such as hairspray) that still contain product. Liquid hair dye is hazardous waste, dried hair dye is mixed waste. Batteries are also disposed of as hazardous waste.

Cardboard packages, such as the cardboard boxes that hair color comes in, packaging cardboard and brown paper can be placed in the cardboard recycling container. Flatten the packages and pack them inside one another so that they don’t take up too much space in the recycling container. Cardboard can also usually be burnt.

Plastic gloves and all expired products that are not hazardous waste can be disposed of as mixed waste. All hair product pumps are classed as mixed waste because they contain a metal spring. If you would like to sort pump waste more accurately, remove the metal spring and place it in the metal recycling container and dispose of the pump itself as plastic waste.

__Please note!__ These are general guidelines for recycling salon products. We cannot guarantee or take responsibility for ensuring that these guidelines are valid in your area/country. Please check with your local authorities to find the recycling instructions valid in your country to ensure that products are sorted correctly.