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Technical sprays are a professional’s helping hand: how to get the most out of them

26.6.2024, Four Reasons

Damaged hair and buildup of impurities are often the culprits behind the unpredictable results of chemical treatments: colour can adhere unevenly or appear incorrectly, mass may react unpleasantly, and the hair structure can be further damaged. Modern technical sprays are tools for hairdressers that address these issues before they can cause any harm to the clients’ hair.

Four Reasons Professional Pre Detox Spray and Bio-Molecule Repair® Protect Spray provide hairdressers with extra security for chemical treatments. It’s advisable to use both technical sprays before chemical treatments if you want to ensure that the foils can be removed without stress and the hair won’t break.

Which comes first: Pure Detox or Bio-Molecule Repair®?

If you want to remove metals and other impurities from the hair while keeping it in the best possible condition both inside and out, you can use both technical sprays together. In what order should the sprays be used?

First, do the Professional Detox treatment with Pre Detox Spray, then proceed with the Professional Bio-Molecule Repair® treatment with Bio-Molecule Repair® Protect Spray.

Start with Pure Detox Spray for a proactive clean

Professional Pure Detox Spray is designed to effectively remove metals and minerals from the hair that can cause issues during chemical treatments. Its use is the first step towards successful colourings and other chemical treatments, ensuring a clean base for the colour to adhere evenly.

When to use:

  • Before a chemical treatment: Spray evenly onto hair, comb through, and let it sit for four minutes.
  • For maintenance: Use regularly as a routine to ensure your clients’ hair remains clean and ready for treatments.

When damaged hair scares you: Bio-Molecule Repair® Protect Spray protects and repairs

Professional Bio-Molecule Repair® Protect Spray utilizes advanced technology to protect and repair hair. It’s specifically designed for professional use, providing hairdressers with a tool that not only protects the hair during chemical treatments but also helps repair damaged hair.

When to use:

  • Before chemical treatments: Prepare the hair by spraying and letting it sit for four minutes, making the hair more receptive to treatments.
  • In special cases and intensive treatments: Use in special cases, such as after bleaching, or as part of an intensive treatment process for damaged hair.

Peace of mind and more reliable service

Technical sprays like Professional Pure Detox Spray and Bio-Molecule Repair® Protect Spray offer versatile solutions for hair preparation and care in salons. They help ensure that chemical treatments proceed as planned, improve the quality of the result, and reduce the risk of hair damage.

Technical sprays are tools that allow professionals to enhance the quality of their services. Treatments done in the salon, together with the home care products recommended by the hairdresser, improve the customer experience and work wonders for the client’s hair. Boldly recommend additional services that benefit the client!

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