Irritated? 4 reasons to choose a fragrance-free hair product line

13.3.2023, Four Reasons

Say No to products that remain on the shelves week in week out. Say No to the customer who is always late. Give a head shake to dismiss all those who are not hairdressers but, when sitting on the chair in the hair salon, know all about cutting hair and spreading a dye evenly in all circumstances. Tell the naked truth to your colleague who seems to believe that there is an invisible cleaning fairy working in your hair salon at night.

Four Reasons No Nothing

When everything irritates you, choose a product line that does not irritate anyone. Four Reasons No Nothing says a firm No to fragrances, generally sensitizing ingredients and all that is unnecessary.

#1 No fragrances

The fragrance-free Four Reasons No Nothing product line does not contain any generally sensitizing or irritating ingredients, which makes the products a great choice for those with sensitive skin as well as everyone looking to reduce the load of fragrances and chemicals on their body. Did you know that up to 30% of Finns are fragrance sensitive?

#2 No empty promises

All of the line’s hair products have been granted the Allergy Label by the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation. The Allergy Label is proof of the quality and reliability of the product. It guarantees that the products do not contain the following ingredients:

  • Fragrances
  • Scents
  • Essential oils
  • Generally sensitizing or irritating ingredients or concentrations thereof
  • Asteraceae compounds
  • Phenylenediamines
  • Formaldehyde and its releasers

#3 No compromises

Finally fragrance-free hair products for sensitive skin that do not require compromises on quality! In the Four Reasons No Nothing product line, you can find shampoos and conditioners for four different hair types, providing moisture, volume or protection for color or repairing damages.

In addition to richly foaming shampoos and nourishing and shine-enhancing conditioners, the product line includes styling products for demanding use. The product line packaging has just been redesigned and the beautiful bottles and jars are an elegant addition to any hair salon. Moisturizing shampoo and hair care products are also available in shampoo station sizes.

#4 Nothing unnecessary

The Four Reasons No Nothing packaging is made of bio-based sugarcane plastic.

The use of bio-based plastic reduces oil dependency and their production emits less carbon dioxide than conventional plastics. The packaging is also fully recyclable. All products in the product line are 100% vegan, meaning they do not contain any animal-based ingredients.

Our promise that our products do not contain anything unnecessary also applies to transport and go-betweens. The Four Reasons No Nothing shampoo and hair care products are manufactured in Finland at our factory that uses 100% renewable energy. The product line’s aerosol products, such as hairsprays, are manufactured in Sweden.

Make a choice that is good for your hair and for the environment – say No to all that is unnecessary.

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