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The range of Four Reasons technical products will expand with the addition of a new liquid color line – introducing Optima Liquids!

15.3.2023, Four Reasons

Four Reasons Optima Liquids

We’re adding a new color line called Optima Liquids to the popular Four Reasons Optima color range. Four Reasons Optima Liquids colors are liquid hair colors whose beautiful pastel tones are great for toning, neutralizing and brightening bleached hair.

4 reasons to choose Optima Liquids

#1 Toning and neutralizing bleached hair

Four Reasons Optima Liquids

The Four Reasons Optima Liquids line was developed for toning and neutralizing bleached hair, and the color line works excellently when all the hair is bleached and the goal is to maintain the bleached hair at maximum brightness. The Optima Liquids line contains a unique compound of hydrolyzed proteins that repairs and strengthens the hair while preventing it from splitting and protecting it from damage caused by chemical treatments. The colors’ other pampering ingredients include Ecocert-certified Limnanthes alba seed oil that leaves the hair glossy and soft, and organic baobab oil that moisturizes the hair effectively thanks to its high content of vitamins A, D, E, and F.

#2 Bright, pure tones

Four Reasons Optima Liquids

Optima Liquids’ perfect tone selection consists of eight pure tones designed for bleaching jobs where the aim is to use a light tone on the bleached base while maintaining the brightness of the color. The Optima Liquids line also includes a product called Clear, which is meant for diluting tones. The Four Reasons Optima Liquids tone selection includes cool pearl tones, pinks and muted peach tones.

#3 Quick to apply and short processing time

Four Reasons Optima Liquids

The liquid product is mixed with the Optima Liquids Activator 3% developer in a ratio of 1:1 to create a mass that is quick and easy to apply at the shampoo station. The color takes 10–20 minutes to process, depending on the desired intensity.

#4 Fragrance-free

Like the other Optima colors, Optima Liquids colors are also fragrance-free and vegan.

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