5 x cute claw clip hairdo | Brightens up a boring hair day

18.8.2021, Meri

You may have already tried out this year’s trendiest (and easiest) hairstyle: a classic claw clip bun that saves your day especially on those oily hair days. You don’t need to perform magic tricks to get these lovely and fresh claw clip hairstyles! We collected six options from which you can choose your favorites. These clips give your hair that je ne sais quoi when you feel that nothing looks good.


1. Twist & Twirl

For this style, you’ll need three small or medium-sized claw clips and some patience.


This is how you create the style:

Separate a section of your hair from temple to temple and twirl it into a roll in your hand.

Place the first clip in the middle of the twirled roll so that it won’t unravel.

Repeat the same two more times, always taking one more section across the entire width of the head and adding it to the existing roll.

Place the final clip approximately at the level of your neck, depending on the length of your hair.


2. Tie the knot

You should combine this style with a light hairspray, such as Four Reasons Original Styling Hairspray that holds the hairdo and gives it flexibility. The light hold hairspray makes the knot easier to tie. The hairspray will also keep the knot in place.


This is how you create the style:

First add product of your choice. Separate a section of your hair from temple to temple and twirl it into a roll in your hand.

Twist the roll into a loop and pull it through itself. This is how you tie the knot.

Attach the knot to the rest of your hair with the claw clip. You can use your creativity by placing the clip sideways, upright, or diagonally. See how you like it best!


3. THE claw clip style with a twist

Everyone remembers this classic hairstyle: all hair is twisted up in the back of your neck and then secured with a clip. But even this style can be taken to the next level!

This is how you create the style:

Spray some hair powder in your hair to get a more secure hold. We chose Four Reasons Original Hair Powder.

Divide your hair into two sections and grab one section in each hand.

Twirl the sections into a braid-like roll.

Twist the roll against your head twice over and secure with a clip in the middle. Make sure the teeth sink deep into the hair to keep the hairdo in place all day.

4. Braided bun

Now’s the time to collect claw clips in different colors and sizes to brighten up your hairdo. We selected a butterfly clip for this style – beautiful, isn’t it?


This is how you create the style:

Start off by sprinkling hair powder in your hair, such as Four Reasons Original Volume Powder that volumizes your hair and gives it extra body.

Braid your hair like you normally would. Loosen up the braid by pulling sections outwards. Loosening the hair makes it easier for you to attach the clip and gives the up-do a more relaxed look. You can also tie the braid with a small hair elastic if you want.

Twist the braid into a bun or a messy bun and secure it with a clip.

5. Cutie clips

So cute! These cute pigtails come so naturally. You can now make traditional pigtails with claw clips instead of elastics. This way your hair won’t snap and your scalp won’t itch!


This is how you create the style:

Spray dry shampoo all over your hair for a volumized and clean look. We used Four Reasons Original Dry Shampoo.

Separate a small section from one side of the head, twist it, and secure with a clip. You can leave some strands to the front to frame your face.

Repeat on the other side.


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