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CURLS, CURLS, CURLS! Four tips for enhancing your curls

25.1.2023, Four Reasons

Four Reasons Original Curl routine – perfect for curly and wavy hair!

Curls, coils, waves – you name it! All kinds of curls are equally lovely and need the right kind of care. Read our tips for caring for and enhancing curly hair below.

Warning! After reading this article, you may:
a. start to love your natural curls
b. want a perm

A common challenge with curly hair is that the curls don’t look defined enough and the hair often looks frizzy. Curls may also be uneven, meaning that the hair is fairly straight at the roots and only curls towards the ends. Curly hair is naturally drier than straight hair, which means that it needs more moisture. If products that are too heavy or oily are used with curly hair, the hair will become too heavy and will not curl enough. With suitable haircare products and the right styling technique, you can easily enhance your curls and make your hair look better!

#1 Optimal moisturization with a shampoo for curly hair

Whether you have natural curls or a perm, you should wash your hair with a shampoo for curly or wavy hair, such as Four Reasons Original Curl Shampoo, which contains avocado oil and aloe vera and moisturizes naturally curly or permed hair just the right amount – without flattening it. This sulphate-free shampoo will wash your hair gently, lather well and add shine and moisture. The shampoo has a wonderfully refreshing honeydew melon scent!

#2 Versatile haircare product for curls

After being washed with shampoo, the hair needs an intensely moisturizing conditioner designed for curly and wavy hair! Try the versatile Four Reasons Original Curl Treatment on 3-in-1 conditioner, which has three uses: the product can be used as a quick treatment like a conditioner, as an intensely moisturizing hair mask once a week, and as a leave-in conditioner – especially if your hair is thicker and coarser. The end result is curls that feel soft and are easier to manage!

#3 Moisturize, refresh and enhance curls

After washing, spray the hair with the moisturizing Four Reasons Original Curl Mist, which refreshes curls without making them stiff. You can use the curl mist on both damp and dry hair. It gives new life to your curls and makes them frizz-free and long-lasting. The spray also offers heat protection, which means that it’s great to use before a styling iron if you want to refresh last night’s lovely curls with an iron.

Psst… This three-product Four Reasons Original Curl haircare routine is also suitable for those following the curly girl method!

#4 Dry and detangle the curls the right way

In addition to the haircare products, it’s also a good idea to pay attention to how you dry and brush your hair. Untangle your hair with a brush that is suitable for curly hair, preferably already in the shower or immediately after showering, when your hair is still completely wet. If you want to dry your hair with a hairdryer, use a diffuser attachment, which will help the curls dry in their correct shape.

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