Natural favorites for different types of hair – 3 x gentle natural shampoos

16.8.2021, Meri

The rustling of the rapids, scent of the coniferous forest, the freshly cut lawn, and the summer flower bed. If these make you happy, keep reading. Four Reasons Nature natural shampoos are made for you who are tired of the load of chemicals and want to be part of creating a better tomorrow while looking G-R-E-A-T. Now’s the time to reveal your true nature! We listed the 4 best natural shampoos for all hair types. Find which one suits you. 😉

Whether your hair is curly, straight, dry, or oily, we bet that one of your go-to products is shampoo. We all wash our hair. Some do so every day and others less often. The desired results also vary as much as the hair type; which is why we have many options for you to find the one that is the best for you.

By choosing a natural shampoo from our Four Reasons Nature hair product line, you will never have to compromise on your principles or values. The shampoos make your hair clean and healthy, just like nature intended. The products are also 100% vegan. Choose the most suitable alternative of these four products and get washing! I know you can’t wait.


The beauty industry professionals voted Four Reasons Nature hair product line as the Best Innovation 2020! The award was presented by a panel of beauty journalists assembled by the hair professional magazine Pinni, which tested more than 100 hair cosmetics products from ten different categories and selected the best professional quality hair cosmetics products in 2020.


1. Nature Moisture | Moisturizing natural cosmetics for dry hair

Four Reasons Nature

The savior of dry hair is here: Four Reasons Nature Moisture Shampoo leaves your hair feeling moisturized like the morning dew. The shampoo provides your dry hair with much needed softness and ensures that the ideal moisture balance is restored. The product strengthens the structure of the hair, prevents breakage and further damage. The active ingredient of the shampoo is betaine obtained from sugar beet, which pampers the itchy and dry scalp.

Nature Moisture natural shampoo is not just any average shampoo but a champion in its own league: the product was voted the Best Natural Cosmetics Product 2020 in the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards in the 99% Natural Treatment category.

When should you select Moisture: Moisturizing products are especially suitable for curly hair that may easily be frizzy, messy, and annoyingly tangled. When you need some gloss in your frizz, choose a moisturizing product that detangles your curls and makes them bouncy. Choose Nature Moisture natural shampoo also when your hair gets extra dry due to the seasonal variations. The scorching sun and the dry winter air are no joke!

TIP: Moisture Oil from the Nature line was also a winner in the same awards as the shampoo – and for a good reason. This product makes your hair shine in an instant. Be sure to also try Nature Moisture Conditioner – perfect trio alert!


2. Nature Color | Shampoo that naturally protects your color

Four Reasons Nature

Color = Strong odor? Not this time. Just like all the Nature line products, also the Color Shampoo has a natural scent that couldn’t be further from the strong artificial fragrances. Four Reasons Nature Color Shampoo not only smells nice, it also makes your hair soft and shiny and extends the lifetime of your hair color.

The antioxidants in the active ingredient, olive leaf extract, keep the hair color vibrant and give the hair an impressive shine. The strengthening and conditioning composition reduces breakage and untangles hair. The shampoo contains organic pomegranate and organic flaxseed extract.

All products in the Four Reasons Nature product line are classified as certified natural cosmetics. The Ecocert Cosmos Natural certification guarantees that the Color Shampoo’s ingredients and production is sustainable and ethical.

When should you select Color: Color natural shampoo is especially suitable for dyed and treated hair and restores the shine and the brightness of the color with ingredients from nature. The Color Shampoo also maintains the color and shine between your hair appointments. This shampoo guarantees a long-lasting color and soft hair.


3. Nature Volume | Volumizing natural shampoo for fine hair

Four Reasons Nature

Can we turn up the volume? Heck yeah! Nature Volume Shampoo is an easy way to add incredible volume and body to your hair. Even though Nature Volume shampoo volumizes your hair, it does not make it frizzy. On the contrary, the moisture balance of your hair is ideally maintained, so the surface of the hair won’t get frizzy.

The silver linden bud extract volumizes and moisturizes the hair effectively and protects it from external factors, such as changes in the weather and air pollution. The shampoo also contains organic sea buckthorn liquid and organic apricot extract. These products are not for eating, but YUM!

When should you select Volume: When your hair needs a pick-me-up and your hair is naturally fine or thin, choose Volume. This shampoo is also suitable for everyone who finds it difficult to add volume to their hair and whose hair gets flatter as the day goes by. Try adding Four Reasons Nature Texture Mist to help with your flat hair and you won’t be disappointed.


Did somebody say sustainability?

All products in the Four Reasons Nature product line are classified as certified natural cosmetics and they have received the Ecocert Cosmos Natural certification. Oh, what does this mean in practice? The certification guarantees the absence of synthetic perfumes or colorants in the products, and that the products are manufactured in accordance with carefully defined ecological standards. Countless products are currently marketed as natural, but only by choosing a certified product can you be sure that the product is genuinely natural and meets the international criteria.

The Cosmos Natural certification also monitors the environmental friendliness of product packaging: packaging must be either recyclable or biodegradable. Therefore, Nature products line shampoo bottles and caps are made of recycled plastic. Clean nature, clean me.


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