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New cutting-edge technology for hair professionals: Bio-Molecule Repair™

12.2.2024, Four Reasons

How often do you think about the material you work with daily? When in good condition, hair is a very strong structure. Hair undergoes considerable stress both from its surface and internal structures in chemical treatments at the salon but also constantly outside the salon. Therefore, protecting it from just one bond is not enough.

It’s time to protect and repair hair with technology that considers the hair as an entirety.

Four Reasons Professional Bio-Molecule Repair™ line products protect, repair, and maintain the function of the hair’s cuticle layer and repair internal damage so that the difference can be felt and seen.

Hair Structure – What does healthy hair consist of?

Hair primarily consists of keratin protein, essential for the hair’s structure. Of course, there’s more to hair: they contain 10–15% moisture, 3–6% lipids, 1% pigment, and 0.5–1% minerals. The hair’s basic structure is maintained by 18 different amino acids, with cysteine, serine, and glutamic acid being the most common. These protein chains are connected to each other by sulfur, hydrogen, and salt bonds.

The outermost layer of the hair is a hard structure consisting of 5–15 overlapping cuticle layers. This layer protects the hair from external stresses, such as UV rays, heat, and mechanical stress. The cuticle layer acts as the hair’s armor: when it is in good condition, it protects the hair’s structure and affects how the hair looks and feels.

Hair Damage: What happens when hair is damaged?

Damage to the cuticle layer can be caused by chemical treatments, mechanical stress, or external factors such as UV radiation and air pollution. When damaged, the cuticle layer cannot maintain its natural moisture balance nor protect the cortex from damage. This is seen as roughness and limpness of the hair: it becomes difficult to blow-dry, and it does not stay in its intended shape.

Damage to the cortex, in turn, is caused by oxidative damage, high pH levels, and weakening of proteins or their bonds. These damages can lead to a change and breakdown of the hair structure, which in the worst case leads to hair breakage.
Hair must endure years of chemical treatments, mechanical stress, and harsh weather conditions, and the longer the hair, the longer it must withstand stress. Protecting the hair should be approached in its entirety.

Bio-Molecule Repair™ technology works on three levels

  • Maintains – Mineral salts together with biopolymers maintain the hair’s moisture balance and prevent damage to the hair’s cuticle layer, preventing the cortex from becoming brittle.
  • Protects – Biopolymers protect the hair, antioxidants prevent damage caused by free radicals, and malic acid balances the hair’s pH level, reducing hair damage.
  • Repairs – Amino acids help repair the hair’s protein structures during and after chemical treatments.

Hair care is not just about solving one problem; it’s about comprehensive care that includes maintaining moisture balance as well as protecting hair from oxidation and structural changes caused by free radicals. With Bio-Molecule Repair™ technology and Four Reasons Professional Bio-Molecule Repair™ products, you can feel and see the difference in hair health and appearance.

Got questions? Here are a few commonly asked questions with their answers!

Q: What can I expect when I start using Bio-Molecule Repair™ products?
A: Immediately after technical treatments, you’ll feel the hair’s smoothness and natural resilience as well as see its shine and vitality. In the longer term, you’ll notice that the hair does not break as easily and withstands treatments better.

Q: What does Bio-Molecule Repair™ affect?
A: BMR technology™ comprehensively affects the hair:
• Maintains the function of the lipid layer in the cuticle layer, ensuring the cuticle layer’s function and protection.
• Balances the pH in the hair during treatments and ensures the function of hydrogen and salt bridges, keeping the hair resilient.
• Forms a film on the surface of the cuticle layer and prevents the effect of free radicals and UV radiation in the hair.
• Repairs damages in the protein structure by patching amino acid chains.

Q: Who is Bio-Molecule Repair™ intended for?
A: Bio-Molecule Repair can be used for all hair types, but it is especially suitable for treated hair. The Bio-Molecule Repair™ Protect Spray technical spray is an excellent protection for hair before chemical treatments.

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