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Mullet or long bob? Four Reasons ERAS Collection SS24 brings the ’90s back

7.2.2024, Four Reasons

Spring 2024 is here, and so is the boldly rugged ’90s. The eras of trends regularly circle around, and only the classics live forever. Now, it’s the ’90s turn to shine: micro-fringes, texture, and mullets are making a comeback, are you ready? The ERAS collection is a time machine that takes us back to the boldness and rebelliousness of the ’90s.

The Spring 2024 hair trend collection ERAS shows why thirty-year-old trends and techniques deserve their moment in both business and the spotlight. ERAS brings the ’90s back to today’s streets and reintroduces it to new generations in a way that is both familiar and completely new. Whether you’re experiencing the best parts of the ’90s for the first time or again, do it on your own terms. Get excited about the eight Collection looks that bring the ’90s back – What goes around, comes around.


The “Semimullet” with layering on the bottom and staggered layers on top creates a stunning ’90s structure and texture. The focus is on the front: the back is kept short to allow the front to be tossed from side to side flexibly. With its distinctive “business in the front, party in the back” style, is a bold choice that embraces the rebellious spirit of the ’90s. It’s for those who want to stand out and are comfortable with a more edgy, retro look. The modern mullet can be styled in various ways to either accentuate its edginess or soften its impact for a more subtle nod to the ’90s.


Say hello to Bobs: The French bob brings layering and volume, and is a fabulous style combined with a short fringe. The Long bob, on the other hand, is a modern take on the classic ’90s bob, featuring a side parting, long front, and that famous volume.


Long hair easily accommodates different styles that reflect the ’90s diversity and creativity. Play with bangs: they create a front-heavy cut that also stands out beautifully with hair tied back. Prefer to let volume do the talking? Try layering the bottom of your hair and staggering the top.


Now you can fade away from fades, and move to slightly longer models! Natural hair texture is popular, and mullets are making a soft comeback.

Four Reasons

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