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Renewed Four Reasons Professional series brings new hair technology to salons

24.1.2024, Four Reasons

Have you heard about the Renewal of the Professional series and its new technical products? Four Reasons Professional products have been developed and tested behind the scenes for years, and now it’s finally time to introduce the magnificent and even higher quality products for salon use.

Four Reasons CEO Jyrki Hakala sheds light on the upcoming year of innovations: “The year 2024 is the year of the Professional series! Centered around you, the hairstylist, and the salon-exclusive Professional series, we will be launching a range of new products throughout the year, both entirely new and those modified based on your feedback,” Jyrki summarizes. Don’t worry, well-loved favourites will remain a key part of the revamped lineup. Let’s peek into the future →

Anticipated Innovations Elevate Hair Treatment to a New Level

Hair is susceptible to stress throughout its life, from UV rays to chemical treatments. The first glimpse into the renewed Four Reasons Professional series reveals the new Bio-Molecule Repair™ line of products, designed to help repair, balance, and protect hair in a completely new way.

What do future intensive treatments look like, or how do you protect hair when bleaching and coloring sessions start to accumulate? Learn more as we update our website and social media!

The Philosophy Behind the Professional Series

In essence, the revamped Professional product range offers a comprehensive toolkit for salon work and services.
Professional provides the tools for both hair care and styling. From this complete kit, stylists can mix and match products to meet each client’s hair needs: the right balance of care and protection, as well as structure, hold, smoothness, or shine as needed, even for highly damaged hair. The extensive styling product range, on the other hand, offers reliable professional-level tools for creating lasting finishes.

Jyrki is optimistic about the launch:

“The year-long, phased launch is an exciting effort towards even greater success for both you, the hairstylist, and the Four Reasons Professional product line.”

We will be publishing new information about the products and schedules on social media channels, newsletters, and in our online store. So stay tuned to be among the first to explore the Professional series and how it will help professionals in their work.

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