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Cover photos are for everyone! Say goodbye to homogeneous magazine imagery and read 8 fabulous stories


Let’s fight against the standardized world of cover photos together! We joined Ina Mikkola in her Sweet Spot venue and…


A Proud Finn: Four Reasons attitude means talking straight, sugar and sisu


People say that Finns are the happiest people on Earth (on dark winter mornings we highly doubt this). Oh, the…


The Dos & Don’ts of home dyeing – Read a hairdresser’s tips for coloring your hair at home!


Forget the unfortunate attempts during your teenage years and warnings of your hairdresser! It is possible to succeed in home…


Vibrant, beautiful hair color easily at home? This is how you choose the right shade!


Hair coloring at home: a threat or a possibility? When you stick to small changes and choose a gentle and…


4 x the sweetest look of the year | Hair tutorials for the perfect 90s look


It’s time to update hairstyles from the 90s to this decade. Are you looking for inspiration? Do you want to…


6 tips to treat your damaged and brittle hair


Is your hair lackluster, brittle, or chemically treated? You are not alone. Damaged hair is a very common issue (even…


Four Reasons Original: A style journey from the 90s to the present day #swipemystyle


A new year kicks off with a new look. As changes often do, this made me a little melancholic and…

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Four Reasons ❤️ Saara Aalto


We ask you to welcome the newest addition to our family: singing sensation Saara Aalto joins forces with us. We…

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New delicious trendy colors added to the Four Reasons Color Mask series


As we all know, our Color Mask products work best as a team – the pigment-rich shampoo gives your hair…

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Top 3 most fabulous colors this fall – see the trendy tones for this season!


Fall is the time for new beginnings when your hair also requires gentle treatment and refreshing after the summer. If…


The “new normal” of professional stylists – how the COVID-19 pandemic affected hair salons in Finland


The global COVID-19 pandemic hit Finland in March 2020, causing an unprecedented state of emergency in our country as well…


Irritated? 4 reasons to choose a fragrance-free hair product line


Say No to products that remain on the shelves week in week out. Say No to the customer who is…