Four Reasons Nature – the choice of an environmentally aware consumer

21.10.2019, Four Reasons

We visited the Oy Transmeri Ab factory in Vantaa, in the Helsinki capital region, where the Four Reasons Nature products are made. We interviewed the factory’s Head of Product Development, Clément Laplace, as well as Four Reasons’ Product Specialist, Pia Nurmi, to discover what kinds of choices have to be made when producing its professional-quality natural cosmetics.

The cornerstones of the Four Reasons Nature product line are natural raw ingredients, and manufacturing in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. The Cosmos Natural certificate granted for the product line by Ecocert is also a guarantee of ecological packaging.

Aiming at eco-friendliness, naturalness and professional quality

Today’s consumers make their purchase decisions more and more often based on ethical and ecological reasons. The demand for natural ingredients, more ethical products and environmentally friendly packaging is higher than ever – in the consumer survey carried out by Pentagon Insight, 76% (n=400) of the respondents stated that they use natural cosmetics or would like to increase the proportion of natural cosmetics in their purchases. Designed for four different hair types, the professional-quality Four Reasons products are a great choice both for those using only natural cosmetics and those who shift effortlessly back and forth between traditional and natural cosmetics.

“At least 99% of the contents of the Four Reasons Nature products come from natural sources”, Pia Nurmi explains. “We have chosen plant-based oils, extracts and proteins as their active ingredients to care for the hair and give it what it needs. Intended for colored hair, the products include olive extract, which extends the life of the hair color and makes the hair shine.  products get their power from silver lime bud extract, which gives the hair more volume and makes it look thicker, smooths out the surface of the hair and reduces frizz. All the rinse-out conditioners in this product line include shea butter, which intensively moisturizes and smooths out hair.”

Pia also reveals that all the Four Reasons Nature products include natural active ingredients, such as nourishing avocado oil, vitamin-rich sea buckthorn juice and intensely moisturizing jojoba seed oil. What’s more, these beneficial active ingredients are organically grown.

Ecological and responsible choices

The Cosmos Natural certificate means that the use of packaging materials is monitored – it guarantees that all the Four Reasons Nature packages are responsibly made and recyclable. All the bottles are made from recycled plastic and the bottle tops from plastics waste collected from the sea.

By recycling plastics, we conserve raw materials and reduce the emissions and climate impacts resulting from the manufacture of plastics. Used in some of our packaging, bio-based sugar cane is a by-product of sugar production. In addition to individual packages, we want to pay attention to the eco-friendliness of our entire supply chain, which is why we have switched the material of our sales batch boxes to retailers to recycled cardboard.

Certification guarantees eco-friendliness

Twice a year, Ecocert carries out an audit at the Oy Transmeri Ab factory to check that all the manufacturing processes and practices meet the rigorous quality criteria of Cosmos Natural.

Clément Laplace explains that, in the factory, the requirements of the certificate are particularly evident in the cleaning of the production lines and the equipment used in the manufacture: “All the process lines and equipment used in the manufacture of the Four Reasons Nature products are washed according to the requirements of the certificate, using cleaning agents specifically approved by it.”

Every single raw ingredient and packaging and marketing material used for the Four Reasons Nature products is Cosmos Nature approved. This brings the consumer certainty and confidence to trust the eco-friendliness, quality and naturalness of the products.

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