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Here are the best hair products of 2022!

25.1.2023, Four Reasons

Best hair products in 2022!

Every year, various media outlets give awards to the best cosmetics products. Here are the best Four Reasons hair products of 2022.

Best texture spray: Four Reasons Original Volume Texture Spray

Me Naiset magazine gave the award for the best texture spray of 2022 to Four Reasons Original Volume Texture Spray. The volume spray adds volume to hair and makes it look fuller and noticeably thicker. The finishing spray, which has a delicious scent, also reduces oiliness in the roots.

“You know a good texture spray by the fact that it adds volume and reduces slipperiness and won’t come off the hair during styling. The Finnish spray meets expectations,” says Me Naiset magazine’s panel of judges.

Best deep cleansing shampoo: Four Reasons Original Deep Cleanse Shampoo

Four Reasons Original Deep Cleanse Shampoo was the best deep cleansing shampoo in Gloria magazine’s test:

“Makes hair feel clean and light but not too dry. The shampoo is also suitable for regular use on oily scalps. The screw cap with a hole in it is easy to use in the shower. Very good value for money.”

Best heat protectant: Four Reasons Nature Heat Protection Spray

Kauneus & Terveys magazine chose Four Reasons Nature Heat Protection Spray as the best heat protection product of 2022. The panel made the following comments about the product:

“This natural heat protection spray, which is sold in hair salons, not only protects hair from the heat of hairdryers and styling irons but also provides light hold and protection from humidity. What could be better in the damp weather of modern winters? The spray also makes hair easier to style, which means that things like blow-drying using a round brush will be much easier.”

Best natural cosmetics product: Four Reasons Nature Styling Mousse

The biggest natural cosmetics awards contest in the Nordic countries, the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards, chose Four Reasons Nature Styling Mousse as the best natural cosmetics product of 2022 in the hair styling category. The panel praised the Nature Styling Mousse as follows:

“Absolutely loved the scent, overall a really great product, worked well.”

“I really love the scent, and even if I am not used to using a lot of product in my hair, this one is really nice!”

“Really great styling mousse for us with curls. Worked like a charm.”

Four Reasons

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