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New delicious trendy colors added to the Four Reasons Color Mask series

28.9.2020, Mira

As we all know, our Color Mask products work best as a team – the pigment-rich shampoo gives your hair a beautiful tone and cleans gently, whereas the intensive treatment protects the glow and healthy gloss of dyed hair while giving your hair a light tone. This is why Apricot Treatment is now paired with a shampoo and the hugely popular Rose Shampoo will be accompanied by an intensive treatment. A completely new warm and light tone called Champagne has also been added to the series. See the before and after photos for all our new products!

Toning Shampoo Apricot

The fruity, light copper-gold Apricot Treatment is now complemented by a shampoo of the same tone. The toning shampoo is designed for light copper or blonde dyed hair. The pigments give the hair a light golden copper tone and help the dye last longer. The shampoo cleans dyed hair gently, prevents static and gives a lovely gloss. Made without sulphates.

BEFORE AND AFTER: Photos @hairbyminttu (Minttu Merikukka)

Toning Treatment Rose

This new product is a toning intensive treatment designed for blonde or intense pink dyed hair. The pigments give the hair an intense pink tone and help the dye last longer. Plant-based proteins and amino acids strengthen your hair and give it a lovely gloss. Rose-toned Toning Treatment and Shampoo products now complement each other: the shampoo gives a deep pink tone and the intensive treatment provides glow and gloss.

BEFORE AND AFTER: Photos @koldjenna (Jenna Leppäniemi)

Toning Treatment Champagne

A completely new trendy tone for the fall season designed for blonde dyed hair! The pigments give the hair a warm, light beige tone and help the dye last longer. The tone makes the dye’s vibrant glow last longer and keeps your hair healthy and in good condition.

BEFORE AND AFTER: Photos @fourreasons


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