You are sure to want to try these braids! Check out the most gorgeous braided hairstyles by Alina Aarnio a.k.a. @moonlightbraids

19.8.2021, Meri

Now is the perfect time to try new braided hairstyles that last long with a splash of hairspray, for example, at an outdoor party or on the dance floor. The Instagram braid guru @moonlightbraids, or Alina Aarnio, created four gorgeous braid tutorials that are easy to recreate for your own or a friend’s hair.

Alina is a multi-talent when it comes to creating braided hairstyles, and you can find her on Instagram under @moonlightbraids. She can do the French braid, waterfall braid as well as gorgeous festive hairstyles that often highlight flowers. We love Alina’s creations, and we guarantee that you will love them too, especially when you give the styles a try!


Pull through braid


This braid is easy to do on your own hair or your friend’s hair. The traditional flat braid can step aside as this pull-through version is sure to catch your eye. The secret to the volume and beauty of the pull through braid lies in the small rubber bands and the sprayable hair powder. In the video, Alina uses Four Reasons Original Hair Powder. Place small flowers in the gaps to hide the rubber bands.

We’d choose this braid style, for example, for a wedding or a more relaxed event, like a picnic.




You can easily create this hairstyle, even if you only know how to make a regular braid: make two and secure them with bobby pins on the top your head.

Use Four Reasons Original Hair Powder to achieve more hold and control for the braid. In the video, Alina uses Four Reasons Original Styling Hairspray to finish the braid and to create stronger hold and a smooth finish. Spray heat shield, such as Four Reasons Original Heat Styler to curl the front of your hair. If you want, add some flowers to the braid and you’re done!

The style is perfect for outdoor day activities or even at work.




Can you make a French braid? Good! In that case, you can also create this beautiful style. Make one French braid on each side of your head and attach them together with a small rubber band. Form a bun with by using bobby pins and hair powder to create a voluptuous finish! Finish it off with a light hairspray, such as Four Reasons Original Styling Hairspray.

Perfect hairstyle for work or home!


Waterfall with a twist


You will love this waterfall braid! The style may need some dexterity, but the end result is worth it.

This braid is quick and easy to create, as long as you are familiar with the French braid. Grab a light and flexible hold hairspray to be able to control the hair. Best of luck!

Follow the lovely Alina on Instagram @moonlightbraids!


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