Bad hair day savior | 4 easy ways to style your headband

19.8.2021, Meri

Is your hair disheveled in the mornings? Is the hair that you washed a week ago now sticking to your temples? You know the feeling when you’re already running late after a nearly sleepless night, and a bad hair day just makes everything worse? We sure do! This is why we created the headband looks that are easy, fast, and versatile. Here you can find tutorials for four hairband looks, so you can take it easy in the mornings (and evenings). Once you’ve mastered these tutorials, you’ll have more options than just having your hair up or down!


Sleek chic | Neat and long-lasting neck-hugging bun

This hairdo is perfect when you want to keep all your strands in place all day. We used two hair elastics to secure the hair, so that the bun stays in place, and smoothed extra strands down with gel. Choose this style for work or a windy terrace. You can alter the style from smart to casual by changing the headband or elastic. For this style, simple is beautiful.

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Four Reasons Original Power Gel – Strong hold hair gel
Four Reasons Original Dry Shampoo – Refreshing dry shampoo
Four Reasons Freeze & Shine Hairspray – Super strong hold hairspray


Loose and low pony | Flipped ponytail

Quick, elegant, relaxed. These words best describe this look, where a girly style meets casual summer evenings. Everyone can put their hair up in a ponytail. So, the next step is to flip your ponytail up and push it through a hole in the hair above the elastic into a loop – that’s it! Add a headband and your look is complete.

Tip! Select an elastic that matches the color of your hair and blends in with the hairdo.

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Four Reasons Original Heat Styler – Protective heat shield spray
Four Reasons Original Volume Powder – Styling powder
Four Reasons Original Strong Hairspray – Strong hold hairspray


Boho scarf | Scarf and waves

Take out your old scarfs, as they can now be used as headbands! This scarf look is perfect, for example, for a picknick or Coachella (one can always dream). And if the evening gets cold, you can just wrap your scarf around your neck. 😉

You can alter the style by creating loose or tight curls, and for example, by putting your hair up in a ponytail. You can also change the placement of the scarf: try tying it on top of your head, or to cover your whole head. Here we tied the scarf on top of the hair to show off the pattern. This style is also suitable for those who are sensitive to headaches: the scarf doesn’t squeeze or rub your head.

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Four Reasons Original Heat Styler – Protective heat shield spray
Four Reasons Original Smooth & Shine Serum – Conditioning and finishing serum
Four Reasons Original Strong Styling Hairspray – Fast-drying, strong hold hairspray


4. Rock ’n roll | Twist, roll and secure

Fun and easy: This fun style is easy, particularly if your hair is medium length. You only need a headband, bobby pins, and hairspray. One would think that this look requires skills and time – but think again! Try this style once and it will surely become your go-to hairdo for unexpected evening events. Complete the style by detaching few strands from the hairdo to get a more relaxed look.

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Four Reasons Original Hair Powder – Volumizing hair powder
Four Reasons Original Styling Hairspray – Fast-drying, weightless hairspray
Four Reasons Original Fiber Wax – Wax that is high in fiber


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